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I bet you have had experience tasting the best seafood ever in Sandakan. Fresh from the sea, cheap, and yet, so tasty that you have to loosen your zip to fill in more of that mouth watering oyster omelet, that scallop and the sweet and sour snapper.

Don’t forget to tell us where you had it, how much you pay for it, and how was the service.

Contest dateline: 30th August 2008.

Start writing, just add a comment of at least 100 words, describing your best seafood ever.

  1. Cliff Chau Said,

    Sandakan is famous for its seafood !! Thats real… I’m grateful enough because i was born in Sandakan… if you’re travel to our ” NATURAL CITY ” ! Seafood is the main attraction in Sandakan.You must be try it… that’s reasonable prices,fresh and tasty….Yeah!! YUMMY~~~ One of the famous restaurant that i highly recommend u —-TRIG HILL RESTAURANT—-The restaurant is open air and over looking the city as is located above the hill, properly Sandakan highest restaurant on hill. You can just imagine while eating the steamy seafood accompanied with pint of beer complement with Sandakan harbour view night and feel the cool breeze from sea. That’s only cost you RM21.00++ per person… Seafood of course. Buffet style, eat all you can. Just pick as many as fishes, prawns, crabs, lobsters and other meat dishes.Its really damn cheap at highest satisfaction.BUT DO REMEMBER OF LEFTOVERS! That’s really the best seafood you’re able taste in Sandakan !!!

  2. Chin Siau Wui Said,

    When you ask people “what you know about Sandakan?”, people will say Sipilok, crocodile farm and also SEAFOOD. Sandakan is the cheapest place to take seafood compare to Sarawak and West Malaysia. Beside buffet steamboat at Trig Hill Restaurant, Ocean King is also one of the famous restaurant in Sandakan. Ocean King is located at Sandy Plan, 4km from town. This restaurant is built on stilts on the sea. The restaurant business hour is from morning till nite time. This restaurant is open air. When you take your meal at there, u can feel the wind blow from the sea. Besides that, you can overlooking with the view to the sea. Is very enjoy when you take meal at there. The seafood provided by this restaurant very fresh and the way they cook won’t make the smell of fresh gone, really very tasty. The prices may a bit higher but is really worth for it. Do come and taste for it, u will like it so much!

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